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I welcome you as members, or potential members of our Diocesan Catholic schools family. In 2019 I will work alongside 3,500 teaching and support staff in 57 Catholic schools, teaching 19,600 students.

The Diocesan school system is a vibrant and dynamic network that is experiencing annual enrolment growth and a focused development of the learning facilities for your child. In 2018 we saw the opening of our newest school, St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm, a comprehensive Year 7 to 12 school; 2019 witnesses our newest addition and 59th school, the St Laurence Flexible Learning Centre at Broadmeadow, where young people with some particular challenges will have the opportunity to engage in education in this unique setting.

I have served this Diocese for the past 42 years, and have a keen understanding of it. I have been a teacher and school leader at St Mary’s Gateshead, the former St Anne’s Adamstown, St Joseph’s Aberdeen, San Clemente Mayfield, the Principal of St Paul's Booragul and All Saints' College, St Mary’s Campus, Maitland. For the past eleven years I have been an Assistant Director of this Diocese.

As we look to the core issue, the quality education of your child, the past 42 years have taught me that Catholic education is actually really very simple. My own three children were formed in Diocesan Catholic schools and my grandson will commence his journey in Catholic schools in 2022. As a father, grandfather and Director I want six core needs met for your children:

  1. That your child will be always wholly safe
  2. That your child will be happy and feel loved in their school environment. It is my personal belief that the most important gift we give a child in a Catholic school is their sense of incredible self-worth
  3. That your child has his or her learning needs met appropriate to their abilities, needs and aspirations. This will also include access to a rich and diverse co-curricular experience
  4. That the skills and attributes your child will need to equip them for life beyond school will be met
  5. That all facets of their being – physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological and spiritual will be developed
  6. Finally and most vitally your child will understand the profound value of a relationship with Christ, and an involvement with our church.

If we can maintain these as our focus, we will achieve quality outcomes that you are proud of.

I give you every assurance of the commitment we bring to the needs of the children in our care. To be an educator is the greatest privilege and most significant responsibility because we have your children, our students, to support. Our Diocesan Catholic schools continue to be a place of choice for parents. We will continue to deliver outstanding outcomes for all of our students.

Finally, I want Catholic schools, as faith-filled communities, to be places of great hope for your children, schools that will shape young men and women able to take a positive and responsible place in their post-school world.

Gerard Mowbray
Acting Director of Schools