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The table below outlines the Faith Education Accreditation requirements for all levels of staff within the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

There are a number of courses, seminars and programs available through Broken Bay Institute (BBI) and Australian Catholic University (ACU) to support school and CSO staff to achieve accreditation at the various levels.

BBI is the preferred supplier of the Graduate Certificate in Religious Education for the CSO of Maitland-Newcastle.

Leaders, primary teachers and secondary teachers of Religious Education are required to obtain qualifications, as per levels 4 and 5 in the table below.

Accreditation requires teachers to successfully complete four units of study covering Religious Education and/or Theology at university level. The programs offered are consistent with Catholic teachings and the degree is conferred by BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education.

The Graduate Certificate in RE is designed to provide graduates, who hold a previous degree in education, with specialised knowledge within the discipline of religious education. The course aims to develop graduates who have the capacity to apply knowledge of the discipline of religious education, including in theory and practice, in educational contexts, with a particular focus on classroom teaching and school leadership.

The Masters degree program in Religious Education, Leadership and Theology or the Theological Studies is designed to provide a graduate-level education in biblical and theological understanding, spiritual formation and cultural literacy and will benefit teachers seeking a leadership position, such as Religious Education Coordinator, Assistant Principal or Principal in a Catholic school.

Please note that a Review of the Faith Education Accreditation Policy was undertaken in 2016.  It is expected Bishop Bill will respond to this review in the early part of 2017.

Further information on Faith Education Accreditation is available from Brian Lacey, Head of RE and Spirituality Services at the Catholic Schools Office.

Download the Faith Education Accreditation Policy.

Download the Application for Accreditation

Level Target Group Minimum Requirements
Formation & Qualification
Currency Provisional Accreditation
  • All school support staff
  • CSO Professional Officers
  • CSO Administration Staff

Catholic/committed to Catholic Ethos

6-hour Orientation Program: Faith Story Witness module

15 hours over
5 years
  • All teachers who DON’T teach religion

Catholic/committed to Catholic Ethos

12-hour Catholic Teacher Faith Formation

  • Faith Story Witness plus
  • 1 other CSO module
30 hours over
5 years


  • Secondary Studies Coordinators
  • Secondary Admin Coordinators
  • CSO Heads of Service 
  • Finance & Employee Services
  • All CSO Education Officers

Catholic/committed to Catholic Ethos

24-hour Catholic Faith Leadership Formation

  • Faith Story Witness plus
  • 3 other CSO module
45 hours over
5 years
4 years max
  • Teachers of religion
  • Primary Coordinators
  • Secondary Religious Studies Coordinators
  • Student Co-ordinators
  • Permanent Teachers of Religion (primary and secondary)


  • Faith Story Witness module
  • K-12 Syllabus module (Beginning Teachers only)

  • 6 Units Undergraduate (RE/Theology) OR
  • 4 Units Postgraduate RE/Theology

Senior leaders

  • Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Primary Religious Education Coordinators
  • Secondary Ministry Coordinators
  • CSO RE & Spirituality Team
  • CSO Assistant Directors
  • Head of Teaching & Learning Services
  • Director of Schools


  • Faith Story Witness module

  • 6 Units Undergraduate (RE/Theology) OR
  • 4 Units Postgraduate RE/Theology
  • Minimum 4 Units Postgraduate study in Catholic Leadership/Theology
75 hours over
5 years
4 years max