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Statement from Director of Schools, Michael Slattery on Gonski

“All 56 of our schools within the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle have greatly benefited under the Gonski model...

with the funding providing specialised support for students and our regional primary schools and enabling significant growth of our school system to cater to the increasing number of families seeking a Catholic education,” said Director of Schools, Dr Michael Slattery.

“Our core focus at the Catholic Schools Office is the fundamental learning of all students. The nature of Gonski funding allows for the enhanced provision of technology available to schools, support for students with special learning needs, greater staffing at low SES schools, the development of specialist programs that support gifted and talented students and support for the increasing number of indigenous students enrolling in our local Catholic schools.

"St Mary’s Catholic College, Gateshead, is one of two schools within our diocese that is currently in key planning phase to introduce Years 11 and 12 over 2018 and 2019 which requires substantial development and construction of the school.

"The current funding offered under Gonski is providing St Mary’s with the required resources to introduce senior classes including planning and teaching staff and enhanced facilities to support the delivery of VET Courses, particularly in Hospitality and Construction. VET courses lead to jobs and to further study at TAFE, so they are integral to ensuring ongoing employment for our students long after school.

"Without such support and assurance of funding that Gonski offers, we would struggle to meet the needs of our students and wider community.”