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The Catholic Schools Office aims to ensure students at each of our schools and their parents or carers are well informed about cybersafety so they have the best possible outcomes from using the internet.

In addition to the education provided at schools about cyber-safety and workshops and seminars offered to parents, the CSO manages a special cyber safety website for parents and their children. The CSO acknowledges that threats to our safety, human dignity, and relationships with others and with God can manifest themselves within the digitally connected world of the 21st Century. As such, the cyber safety website aims to ensure parents are well informed when it comes to the internet and have access to user-friendly information, links and resources from one central point.

The site also aims to inform all parents on ways they can be proactive and cyber savvy whilst also ensuring their children are educated to use the internet safely and are aware of the consequences if they don’t.

Information is provided on everything from social media, unwelcome websites, stranger danger, cyberbullying and financial exploitation to unlawful use and useful contacts. The site not only has preventative measures and ideas for parents to implement at home, but also has information which aims to assist parents in dealing with unexpected circumstances, such as a child being the victim of cyber-bullying, or in fact, the cyber bully!

The internet and Facebook are integral to our lives today but parents needn't be frightened if they educate themselves and their children about how to use the internet, social networking and all mobile internet devices, especially mobile phones, in a safe and sensible way.  

There are risks but it is like learning to drive, if we learn the rules of the road then we reduce the risk of hurting ourselves and others.

The Cyber Safety Resources for Parents site was developed by the CSO’s Learning Technology Team, with guidance provided by the Education Officer of the Diocese of Broken Bay, Mr John Hession.

View the Catholic Schools Office Cybersafety Website.