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In this section you will find a number of links and resources that help promote student, parent and family wellbeing. 

Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing is fundamental to successful learning. Students who are happy, confident, and able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes. Visit the Student Wellbeing section for links to policies and advice.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety is an important modern issue that faces our students and their families. The Catholic Schools Office aims to ensure students at each of our schools and their parents or carers are well informed about cybersafety so they have the best possible outcomes from using the internet.

Protecting our Children

We take the protection of children very seriously in our Catholic schools. Child protection in Catholic schools is governed by state and national legislation and protocols. Some websites that will provide you with further information about child protection and the National Safe Schools Framework include the Safe School Hub and "Keep Them Safe" at the Department of Community Services website.

Notes on anxiety - Dr John Irvine

During 2014, Dr John Irvine, one of Australia’s most prominent child psychologists, visited a number of diocesan schools to present a talk called “Anxiety K–12: Red flags & what parents can do to support their children”. These presentations were highly successful and you can download Dr John's notes from this speaking tour here.

Additional Needs

The CSO acknowledges the diverse and sometimes complex learning needs of students in our schools and provides access to a range of consultative and direct services to support students. Visit the Additional Needs page for policies and further information.

Aboriginal Education

For Aboriginal students to reach their potential, it is important to recognise the role of Aboriginal parents as the first educators of their children and to work collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities in the educational process. View the Aboriginal Education page for more information.