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  • CHISHOLM St Bede's Catholic College Gallery Image
  • CHISHOLM St Bede's Catholic College Gallery Image
  • CHISHOLM St Bede's Catholic College Gallery Image
  • CHISHOLM St Bede's Catholic College Gallery Image

St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm recognises the traditional owners of the area, the Awabakal people.

About St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm

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“St Bede’s story is one of faithfulness, academic endeavour and gentleness of heart. Students will have much to gain from aspiring to the qualities St Bede modelled.” - Bishop Bill Wright 

The decision to build a new co-educational Years 7-12 secondary school at Chisholm was one of 12 recommendations from the Study into the Provision of Secondary Education, announced last year. The school will eventually cater for approximately 1,100 students and will have state of the art buildings, facilities and recreation areas. 

St Bede was chosen for the new secondary college after considerable consultation and discernment. St Bede is regarded as a most learned scholar and was considered a most apt choice for the name of a school where learning − and more particularly, learning characterised by the Catholic tradition, culture and spirit − is the reason for our existence. 

St Bede’s, like Bede himself, will be a college that inspires students to excel in their learning across all fields of endeavour, including the sciences and mathematics, but also in creative pursuits such as the arts and humanities. Bede will be the symbol and example for our students to follow, where hard work and persistence across a range of academic pursuits will be encouraged and nurtured. We hope students at St Bede’s will aspire to be learners who are self-directed, interested in learning for its own sake and as interested in science and astronomy as they are in literature, music and poetry. 

St Bede’s will be a vibrant community school where a real sense of belonging and spirit is fostered. The vision for St Bede’s is a school where commitment to social justice and community outreach is apparent in word and action. St Bede’s will encourage collaborative, team-based learning within a contemporary learning environment. Students will be encouraged to make links with their learning, locally and globally, and to develop partnerships with community members.

The school will boast a beautiful, flexible design aesthetic, where learning spaces can be adapted and changed to meet the challenges of the day. We want St Bede’s students to be passionate and committed to their learning.

As the community of Chisholm grows, alongside it and in harmony with it, St Bede’s too will grow and flourish.

St Bede’s Catholic College is situated to the left of St Aloysius Catholic Primary School which opened in 2015.