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Good and Evil

Monday 21 July 2014

This weekend we have witnessed the extremes of good and evil.

On Friday we awoke to hear of the violent destruction of Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine, mercilessly shot down by a powerful missile. As the news filtered through, the extent of the tragedy and its ramifications became more evident.

As we would expect in such circumstances the horror of what had happened was expressed in two particular ways, the condemnation of those believed to be responsible and the need to protect the dignity of the remains of the 298 people who had been killed.

It is this basic need to respect and care for the dead that highlights the depth of evil that is evident in this tragedy. The unwillingness of the separatist rebels to allow international investigators and international aid agencies access to the site to begin the repatriation of the victims places politics ahead of basic human decency.

Our hearts go out to those families across the world longing to bring their loved ones home and who must be absolutely horrified that human beings could be so insensitive in the midst of such tragic circumstances.

We hope and pray that reason and humanity will combine in the next few days so that the remains of those tragically killed will be respectfully returned to their loved ones.

Also on Friday we gathered in our school communities and at the CSO to pray for our ex-student Alex McKinnnon and all those who have suffered severe spinal injuries. As part of the National Rugby League’s Rise for Alex round of the NRL competition, students and staff took the opportunity to wear their favourite sporting colours to school and work as an expression of solidarity with Alex and all those afflicted by such injuries.

In the CSO, the colours included many Knights jumpers, scarves and caps but also such diverse teams as the Tottenham Hotspurs FC, St Helens Rugby League, the mighty Maitland Pumpkin Pickers, South Sydney Rabbitohs, the NSW Country Rugby League, Mullumbimby Brothers RL, the Regals Hockey Team, the Sydney Roosters, the Melbourne Storm and even the now defunct Group XV Rugby League guernsey. An original TNT sponsored referee’s jumper also made an appearance.



CSO and Diocesan staff gather to #RiseForAlex

The celebration of the Rise for Alex round reached its climax at Hunter Stadium when 26,000 fans gathered to welcome Alex back to his home ground. The freezing conditions did not deter the crowd in any way and the welcome extended to Alex was something very special.

The way the Rugby League community and the wider community have embraced Alex’s predicament and that of others suffering from spinal injuries is reflective of the good that is in our community. Something in the order of $1 million has been donated to Alex but the impact of his injury has ensured that the plight of other sports people who have suffered similar injuries is drawn to the attention of the wider community.

Here we have seen the best in a community. In Eastern Ukraine we are witnessing the worst. Let us hope and pray that good will always overcome evil.


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