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The Catholic Schools Office (CSO), is responsible for the leadership, efficient operation and management of systemic schools which educate more than 18,000 students in 44 Primary schools, 10 Secondary schools and one K-12 school in the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.


The CSO employs more than 1200 teachers and around 550 support staff. Our main focus is providing support for schools to ensure each student receives a quality education and has the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


Catholic schools seek to develop spirit, mind, body and character and to cultivate Gospel values that support lives filled with joy, endeavour and hope in the future. As a Catholic Schools Office, we model ourselves on the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospels and through the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

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We are in Week 8 of Term 4.

There are 23 days until the end of Term 4, 2014 (19/12/2014).

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CONDA Nominations

Tuesday 25 November 2014

The news last week that our Performing Arts program ASPIRE has been nominated in 4 categories for the Newcastle region’s CONDA Awards for excellence in theatre was a wonderful acknowledgement of the success of this recently  introduced program.


In the various roles I have filled in the Catholic Schools Office during my years in the diocese I have always enjoyed the privilege of being invited to many schools’ performing arts festivals and I have never been disappointed with the talent of the students performing in the various events.

Most frequently I have come away from these performances with the realisation that we have some incredibly talented students in our schools backed up by equally talented and dedicated teachers and support staff.


The nominations for the CONDAs are a true reflection of the talent that is evident in our schools and  are indicative of the dedication of our school and CSO staff in ensuring that our students are provided with the opportunity to display their talents in a quality performance at a quality venue.

The ASPIRE performance each year is preceded by the students from our Secondary schools giving expression to their performing talents in DIO-SOUNDS, a night of singing and dancing that leaves the audience captivated.

Again it is the dedication of school and CSO staff that enables this annual festival of music to take place.


What ASPIRE and DIO-SOUNDS and the individual school productions highlight is that there are so many talented and enthusiastic students, backed up by parents who provide so much encouragement and support, who are able to give expression to their talents in such creative and dynamic ways.


Whether ASPIRE actually wins any of the 4 categories or not when the awards are announced is secondary to the realisation that our students and staff are being acknowledged for the quality of their performances at the highest level available in the Hunter region.


Our schools do great things across the full range of educational experiences and the performing arts is one expression of the quality of education attained in Catholic schools.


To all involved with ASPIRE, particularly Craig Wattam, the Chair of the program committee, Lisa Little, the Executive Officer and Anna  Kerrigan, our Creative Director and the very faithful parents and school and CSO staff who support them, I extend my sincere congratulations on what has been a remarkable three years of hard work and creativity mixed with much learning and fun.

Most importantly to all our staff who encourage and sponsor the performing arts in all our schools I pass on my deep appreciation for all you do to provide our students with such opportunities.


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