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What is the Catholic Schools Refugee Bursary Fund? 

The Catholic Schools Refugee Bursary Fund offers financial help with certain school items and activities for eligible refugee students in Catholic schools of Maitland-Newcastle.

Who can apply for the Refugee Bursary Fund?

Refugee students with certain visa classes can apply for support from the Bursary Fund. The student must be enrolled in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

What can the Bursary Fund support you with?

  • School activities: camps, excursions, etc.
  • Education resources: workbooks, pens, etc.
  • Uniform: shirts, pants, shoes, etc.
  • Laptop: from Year 5 and up or in line with school policy
  • Health and medical: speech therapy, hearing, vision, etc.
  • Activities outside of school: football registration, etc.

Before you apply

You will need a photocopy of a few personal documents to support your application:

  • Student’s photo ID. This can be a passport (the page with photo and personal details), ImmiCard, DFTTA or other travel document.
  • Student’s visa class and status. This can be found inside the passport or in the visa grant notification letter.

Explanation of important concepts

A bursary: Help given to students based on financial needs

To be eligible: To qualify for something based on certain conditions

To be enrolled: To attend to a school