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“Learning is connected to everything…How students learn must be reflected in how they’re being taught and assessed, which in turn, may place new demands on people and infrastructure, and changes of this magnitude must be guided by leadership and supported by school culture…” - Roadmap for 21st Century Learning Environment 

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are communities of learning characterised by high expectations for learners to achieve excellence, academic rigour, innovation and purpose, within environments that engage, empower and enable.

In 2016, a Learning Framework, consisting of a foundational, unifying set of content and resources about learning for Catholic schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese was established. It is an ‘umbrella’ that brings together and makes connections with existing and future policies, statements and structures that relate to quality learning and experiences in schools across the Diocese.

The Framework is built around five essential elements:

  • Continual focus on Leading Learning
  • Cultures built on Collaborative Learning
  • Rich and purposeful Personalised Learning
  • Creating the conditions for Supportive Learning
  • Building capacity through Professional Learning

 If you are a teacher in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, you can access this great resource here