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Help your fellow teachers and support staff to educate children across the world.

The Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, which employs teachers and staff across 57 schools, has a proud history of supporting teachers working in Catholic communities in developing countries around the world.

Since its foundation in 2011, Teachers Helping Teachers has supported educators in developing countries including Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Vietnam.

Due to a lack of basic resources, the committed teachers in these countries often lack the means to make the most of their skills or the potential of their students. They work in schools in low socioeconomic communities and with students living with disease and disability.

The Teachers Helping Teachers workplace giving program, in partnership with Catholic Mission, makes a vital difference to these teachers and their students.

How it works

  1. Nominate how much you wish to donate to the program from your salary on a regular basis
    • Workplace giving donations are deducted automatically from your salary, via the payroll system
    • Post-tax donations are tax deductible
  2. Donations are transferred to Catholic Mission. Catholic Mission is the Australian agency of the Pontifical Missionary Societies, and is a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, so your donations are tax deductible
  3. Money is then transferred to predetermined projects to support teachers in developing countries.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • It is easy and effortless
  • It is flexible - you can join, alter or withdraw at anytime
  • You can make donations to the Teachers Helping Teachers program in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Your tax benefit occurs as you give and according to how much you give
  • All deductions are itemised on your fortnightly pay advice showing both fortnightly and year to date amounts

“The Teachers Helping Teachers program is a fabulous way to help our colleagues from around the world who are less fortunate than us. The support provided by the program ensures teachers receive a regular wage and students receive a qualified teacher every day. Education helps to break the poverty cycle - do your bit to help by donating to the Teachers Helping Teachers program today!" - Kim Wilson, Assistant Principal at St Mary’s Primary School, Scone

How to get started

Simply fill out a Teachers Helping Teachers Workplace Giving Registration Form found on the CSO Portal and forward it to your payroll administrator! Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for employees of the Catholic Schools Office to assist Catholic Mission in delivering services to vulnerable communities via regular payroll deductions.

Once established, your Workplace Giving regular contribution provides both the CSO and Catholic Mission with a low-cost and low-maintenance way to support our Teachers Helping Teachers program.

See how you and your colleagues have supported the project so far!

  • Over $160,000 has been donated to support those who are a part of the Teachers Helping Teachers program.
  • The unique program now reaches three developing nations.
  • Over 3,000 students have received an education at Beatrix High School, an initiative of the Karunalaya Leprosy Care Centre.
  • 500 children have benefited from the 2017 Summer Camps, an initiative of the Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education (PSIE) Myanmar project.
  • 90 students will have the opportunity for vocational training in sustainable agriculture at St Francis Agricultural and Technical High School in Cambodia: the expected completion of the tourism faculty facilities in 2019 will cater for a further 90 students.
  • Teachers from PSIE now teach children in 16 village community schools: 80% of all student-teachers in the diploma program come from rural provinces in Myanmar.