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Contemporary classrooms in our schools are characterised by the embedding of learning technology and the provision of engaging opportunities for students, equipping them with knowledge and skills to take advantage of opportunities and face challenges in this era with confidence.

In addition, we aim to inspire our students to become self-directed, lifelong learners by exposing them to a variety of rich learning experiences that will stimulate their desire to know more and to aim for excellence in all they do.

Diocesan Catholic schools are encouraged to utilise models of contemporary learning to provide students with flexible and diverse learning experiences across curriculum areas as well as enabling access to online learning spaces. Schools are encouraged to provide learning experiences which:

  • Enable flexible learning pathways
  • Are characterised by reflection, higher order thinking, creativity and collaboration
  • Respond to diverse needs
  • Develop contemporary literacies
  • Foster communities of learning and
  • Enable rich and timely assessments.