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Being active has many benefits including improved health and physical outcomes. Participation in sport and recreation also helps children to develop skills they can use long after the siren sounds. Not only does it provide opportunities for social interaction, inclusion and improved self-esteem, it helps children learn skills that they can use in many aspects of life, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

Now in its third year, Active Kids is a great initiative to help encourage and support parents to involve their children in physical activity. All NSW school-enrolled children are eligible for two $100 Active Kids vouchers each year. The vouchers can be used with any approved Active Kids provider, to help cover costs towards registration or membership fees for sport and active recreation. Voucher one is valid January to December and voucher two is valid July to December. After 1 July 2020, the second voucher can be claimed immediately after the first voucher.

What is Active Kids?

The Active Kids program provides two $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children to use towards sport and active recreation costs each year.

The program launched in 2018 and is planned to run until 2022.

The vouchers may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

Active Kids aims to reduce barriers to participation and help change the physical activity behaviours of children and young people in NSW.

What can the voucher be used for?

The voucher can be used for registration or membership fees for structured activities that are eight weeks or longer and provide a moderate to vigorous level of physical activity, for example:

  • sport
  • dance 
  • swimming lessons
  • structured and supervised fitness programs
  • approved active recreation 

Physical activity is defined as movement involving large muscles (e.g. running, swimming, aerobic activity).

Physical activity must be planned, structured, supervised and involve repetitive bodily movement which improves or maintains physical fitness.

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