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The assessment of Catholic Religious Literacy takes place annually across all schools in the diocese. 

It focuses on students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts that are addressed in the Religious Education program, the achievement of the outcomes set out in the diocesan Religion syllabus, and the ability of students to communicate this knowledge and understanding about the Catholic tradition.

The program of assessment was trialled in 2010 and implemented from 2011 onwards. Years 4 and 6 in Primary schools and Years 8 and 10 in Secondary schools are assessed each year. Both Years 6 and 10 are given a comprehensive multiple choice test based on knowledge of the RE curriculum. Years 4 and 8 complete a task based on a particular unit being studied during the year.

All together the data produced from the various testing instruments is designed to give RE teachers meaningful feedback about the students’ learning and to assist in developing the classroom teaching of Religion.