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Role Clarity

In the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle we recognise the importance of defining clear role accountabilities for all staff and articulating the leadership behaviours and capabilities expected across our system of schools.

Role descriptions ensure fairness and equity in expectations and duties amongst employees and support staff in identifying appropriate professional learning and development to support their career goals. They also support the recruitment process when we design our advertisements; form interview questions and seek to inform potential candidates of our expectations and our system direction.

A key priority within our current strategic plan is to continue to review all school and CSO role descriptions to ensure they meet contemporary schooling needs and clearly articulate system expectations around our shared responsibilities and accountabilities.

As each role is updated, we will ensure it is mapped to and aligns with our Leadership Framework, which was developed in late 2019 and plays an important role in supporting our leaders across the system.

We will continue to review roles. Please let us know of any additional roles you would like reviewed.

Primary Role Statement Video

Secondary Role Statement Video