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Leadership Programs

The CSO seeks to offer high quality leadership support and professional learning to provide leaders, teachers and support staff at all levels with the capabilities and competencies to deliver improved outcomes for their students, school community and our system of schools.

Aligned with our Leadership Framework and behaviours, our current range of programs and professional support is designed to contribute to a strong professional learning culture within and across our systems of schools. We welcome feedback on additional programs for development.

Click the headings below to find details of our programs for leaders at all levels.

Our Leadership Coaches can work with your school to customise an in-school program to meet the specific needs and context of your school.

Possible options:

  • Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Australian Professional Standard for Principals
  • Understanding and Using the National School Improvement Tool
  • COSI Review and School Improvement Planning
  • Family Engagement and Partnerships
  • Highly Effective Teams
  • Writing a Job Application
  • Preparing for Interview
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Data-driven Decisions

The 70-20-10 Framework

The 70-20-10 framework underpins our philosophy of professional support. Developing leadership capability in schools is about developing leadership practice across the school, not only developing individual leaders. The success of our programs will depend on the strength of commitment from principals and leadership teams to support colleagues in building on and developing their capacities and practices further through embedded practice within their school communities.

All programs offered are designed to complement and support in-school experiential learning and our coaching programs offer in-school support to ensure effective integration of learning within the workplace.

70-20-10 Approach To Learning

Through Experience

Through Others

Through Structured PL

Action learning and problem solving



Shadowing, self-directed, and incidental learning



Projects and special assignments



Team teaching


Online learning portal


Learning walks and talks

Collaborative platforms


Teacher observation



Teacher demonstration